BREAKING UPDATE: It is the opinion of this author that what we are seeing with the C-19 virus is the beginning of the Great Tribulation. I show in my last book, The Final Antichrist: Barack Obama, that something big will happen in America and President Trump and Pence will be forced to step down, NOW WE KNOW what that is, the stolen election! They did not steal it for Biden, or even Harris, but for Obama; he will be the one in charge. Once the civil war starts Biden will step aside, and Harris will not want to be president during a civil war, the congress will elect Obama even though it is against the constitution– LOL, what do they care, they are a criminal gang at war with those who want the constitution, they don’t!

Many people have said that the verse in Revelation 18 that says “come out of her my people” refers to leaving the USA for another country, but WHAT IF it refers to many entire states leaving the corrupt government in Washington D.C. by forming another nation: The Free Republican States perhaps, or the Free States of the Republic?? (December 18, 2020); or the Patriot States.

Update Jan. 8, 2021: If they force Trump and Pence to step down even before Jan. 20, they will need a temporary president until Biden can takeover, the temp. will be Obama, who will be the last president of the United States. Biden will then be murdered by Obama, and he will remain president, then the Republicans will refuse his authority and form another nation.


Michael D. Fortner is an author and historian. He has a B.A. in journalism with a minor in history. He has written seven full-size books and numerous articles. He has a God-given ability to think outside the box and figure things out.

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