6 Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Beginning

The Early Texts
Heretics and Corruptors
Guardians of the True Text
The Latin Bible

Chapter 2: God’s Providence

Chapter 3: Higher and Lower Criticism

Chapter 4: The Sinaiticus and The Vaticanus

Chapter 5: English Revised Version

Criticized by the Revisers
Criticized by Many Eminents
Loved by Unitarians

Chapter 6: Westcott and Hort

Liberal Apostates
WH’s Confession

Chapter 7: Unbelieving Text Critics

Chapter 8: The Changes

Jesus was Angry
The Pool of Somewhere
Arian and Unitarian
The Lord’s Prayer
More Changes
Acts 8:37
Galatians 4:7

Chapter 9: Problems in The New Versions

It Will Get Worse

Chapter 10: The Last Twelve Verses of Mark

Response to a Speech Against Mark 16:9-20

Chapter 11: Why the Egyptian Texts are Shorter

Chapter 12: Byzantine Text

Chapter 13: Erasmus

The Textus Receptus

Chapter 14: The Peshitta

Chapter 15: Negative Effects of Textual Criticism

Chapter 16: Distortions and Lies

Problems With The Majority Text

Chapter 17: Which Bible?

Chapter 18: Conclusion