7 Debuking the Debukers (chapter 10)

Ok, now we will examine reasons that keep Christians from seeing the truth about Obama. One website even published Top 10 Reasons Why Obama is NOT the Antichrist, at bibleprophecytalk.com. I will take your ten reasons head-on!

It seems some Bible prophecy “experts” don’t believe that Obama fits the Biblical antichrist. So here are the reasons:

1) The Antichrist enters into the temple in Jerusalem on at least one occasion (2 Thess. 2:4). At the mid-point of the 7 year period, known as Daniels 70th week, the Antichrist enters into a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, and sets up an “abomination that causes desolation.” To put it simply, if there is no temple in Jerusalem then we obviously aren’t anywhere close to the midpoint. Such a structure would require a significant amount of time to construct, and even if they started right now, Obama would have long since fulfilled his last term in office by then.

My Response: While it is true that the Biblical antichrist will not be a US president, there is absolutely NO reason why he cannot be a former US president, then later become the ruler of the beast empire. Since Obama is not dead yet, he can still become that ruler. To say that we cannot know who the antichrist is until the mid-point of the tribulation is nonsense. God does not leave his people to walk in the dark or be caught totally by surprise, he warns us in advance.

2) The Antichrist will cause the daily sacrifices to cease (Dan 9:27). This one is like the first one. The Jewish “daily sacrifice”, was a specific type of sacrifice that was to be performed every day, twice a day. As much as it will anger animal rights activists, scripture tells us that this sacrifice will once again start up when the temple is rebuilt. Obama can’t stop something that hasn’t started yet.

My Response: So how do you know he is not the antichrist? Because he has NOT YET stopped the sacrifice? So he does not actually become the antichrist until he stops the sacrifice? Isn’t he the antichrist even before he stops the sacrifice? Of course he is!!!

FYI, there is NOT going to be a tribulation Temple or sacrifice to stop, according to the analysis in Book 1, Bible Prophecy Revealed. That claim is the result of faulty Bible interpretation.

3) The Antichrist will be killed and die, and then, seemingly come back to life in front of everyone (Rev 13: 3, 12, 14). This appears to be the reason that the people worship the Antichrist, not because of his smooth speech or anything like that, but because he seems to be resurrected from the dead, Obviously Obama has never been killed and come back to life in front of everybody.

My Response: Here again, is Obama buried six feet in the ground? No, therefore, he can still yet be killed and come back to life. That much is true, but I do NOT expect that to actually happen, because according to my books, it is NOT the antichrist who dies and comes back to life, but THE BEAST with 7 heads and 10 horns, which is an EMPIRE! But the prophecy could have a double meaning and refer both to the empire and to the leader, we shall see.

4) The Antichrist will have a “false prophet” who performs signs and wonders like calling fire down from heaven and making a statue of a man speak and kill those who do not worship it (Revelation 13:12-15). It sounds pretty sci-fi but scripture tells us that the Antichrist has a miracle working sidekick. These miracles that he performs are pretty specific, and I think they may be a bit too difficult for Joe Biden to pull off.

My Response: LOL, Obama has not yet stepped into his full role as antichrist has he? No, that being the case he could yet gain such a side-kick that performs miracles, right? Yes. But my discoveries show that the false prophet refers to Muhammad and his Quran that literally means, “miraculous signs” in Arabic.

5) The Antichrist declares himself to be higher than God or anything else that is worshiped (Dan. 11:36, 2 Thes. 2:4). Obama could be accused of being arrogant, but it’s quite another matter to say that he has fulfilled theses scriptures that say the Antichrist will claim to be, not just God, but better than God (Yahweh) or any god or anything else that is worshiped by any people group. This has obviously not happened, and to say that he has even come close to such a claim is ridiculous.

My Response: “Allahu Akbar” means “Allah is Greatest” of all. And Obama has not YET been fully possessed by Satan, so who knows what he will claim in the future.

6) The Antichrist causes the whole world to worship him or be killed (Rev 13: 8, 15). Obama may be concerned with opinion polls, but he is a long way from forcing everyone to worship him or be executed.

My Response: According to the prophecies we just read, Obama is NOT that far away from it; for the sake of peace and harmony among the people, those who disagree must be killed, is not beyond the realm of possibility in the near future. But it will not be the “whole world.” I prove in Book 1 that the whole world of the Bible is the Middle-Eastern / Mediterranean world, not the entire planet.

7) The Antichrist will cause the worst religious killing of all time (Matthew 24: 15-22). The 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust will pale in comparison to what the Antichrist does. Jesus is quite specific that the genocide of the Antichrist will be worse than any such killing the world has ever seen or ever will ever see. It is ludicrous to say that Obama has done anything like this.

My Response: COME ON! No one has said that he has done any such thing, yet, but we believe he WILL DO SO! Open your BLIND EYES.

8) The Antichrist’s nation of origin is ruled by 10 kings prior to his début. (Daniel 7:7, 23-24). It doesn’t matter if you think he is from Kenya or the US, or really anywhere else on earth at the moment, he didn’t come from a nation which had 10 kings or 10 rulers. There is no way to fudge the numbers, or any of the other circumstances, it just isn’t the case.

My Response: I will quote from one of my other books:

Daniel’s vision of the four beasts and vision of the statue with ten toes both show that there will never be a world government. Those passages are also not being correctly interpreted. The Bible text never says that the ten horns in Daniel will rule the world, but only the fourth beast from which the horns come. Likewise, it never says the ten toes will rule the world, but actually says they will break apart. (Bible Prophecy Revealed)

The 10-horns of the beast in Daniel are not the same as the 10-horns of Revelation 13, and are in fact the Commonwealth of Independent States that came “from” the fourth beast which is Communism. It does not require that the little horn be born in the nations of the 10-horns, just because he comes up among them. When Obama moves to Turkey to rule the Revived Ottoman Empire, then he will be among and inside, it does not require that he be born there.

9) The Antichrist will “subdue” three of the 10 preceding kings by casting them down in a humiliating fashion (Daniel 7:24). Obviously if number 9 on this list isn’t true, then this one can’t be true either. [sic]

My Response: Nothing on your list is correct, because it can be true of Obama, as already shown.

10.) The Antichrist will come from one of the four divisions of Alexander the Great’s Empire (Daniel 8:8-9). The four divisions of Alexander’s Empire are: the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, the Seleucid Empire in the east, the Kingdom of Pergamon in Asia Minor, and Macedon. None of which contained, Kenya, Hawaii, or obviously anywhere else in America.

My Response: No way! Really? You mean in order for Obama to be the antichrist, he must become ruler of a nation within those borders??? WOW, that is just shocking! LOL, guess what, Turkey is inside those borders, AHHHHH! But since Obama does not yet live there, I guess I was just all wrong, we know that he will NEVER EVER move there, right? You KNOW THAT FOR A FACT, JACK? No, you don’t!

[His Conclusion of the 10 reasons]: Of the 10 prophesies examined we can confirm that Barack Obama has not fulfilled any of them, nor is he likely to in the future. In fact, this examination has not only shown the silliness of the claim that Barack Obama is the Antichrist, it also shows that the conditions of the world at large do not yet fully resemble the conditions described in the Bible about the time of the end.

As Christians we are called to pray for our nation and for the rulers of our nation whether we like them or not, which includes Barack Obama. I wonder what would happen if instead of slinging such accusations at dignitaries we instead invested our time and energy into praying for his salvation. I think we should give it a shot.

My Response: We are not YET in the middle of the Great Tribulation, but we could be VERY SOON, because we are moving very quickly into the conditions of the world described in the Bible.

I wonder what would happen if we stopped clinging to outdated interpretations of Daniel and Revelation and actually started thinking. Next you’re going to tell me that we need to stop all this thinking because it prevents Jesus from returning, because Jesus said he would return at an hour “when ye think not.

Now I will debunk the mockers who are trying to make people believe that 666 can also be associated with Donald Trump. The mockers and haters of Donald Trump have responded to the evidence that Obama is the antichrist by coming up with occurrences of 666 that point to Trump, but 99% of that evidence is, wait for it, a complete lie. I give some of those lies here.

Supposedly, Trump owns the address 666 Fifth Avenue. In reality, Trump never owned it, but his son-in-law, Jared Kushner took over his father’s real estate business and bought the property, but sold it in 2018.

Another lie is that Trump Tower is 666 feet high and Trump’s penthouse is the 66th floor. All the info about Trump Tower is easily available online and is actually 58 stories and 664 feet.

Supposedly, Trump is building a 666 feet tall building that cost 666 million dollars. No, he is not. At one time Kushner Properties was trying to develop a piece of land called Square One, but there is no proof it is any such building, and he is no longer developing the property.

The only thing they have right is that Trump’s grandmother died on June 6, 1966. Oh MY! He must the antichrist! No, like I said, 666 does appear from time to time because it is a real number. Stop spreading lies to cover for your beloved antichrist.

There are a few instances of fake news pointing to Obama, things he did NOT do: “Just before Hurricane Sandy, Obama signed executive order merging Homeland Security with private sector to create a virtual dictatorship.” False, as far as I could find using online resources, it never happened.

And it makes absolutely no difference if Obama was born in Kenya or Hawaii, because his mother was a US citizen, so even if he were born in Kenya, he is still a US citizen; that is the law. All she would have needed to do was fill out a form. But it is not likely that his mother ever visited Kenya because his father had another wife there he was not divorced from yet. I doubt that he would have wanted Ann to find out about the first wife.