A Fake Revelation of Hell

One book that claims to be a Divine Revelation of Hell said that when the Antichrist is ruling the world, if you have doubts about following him, you can just go and ask him a question, then he will strap you to a table and use a “vast machine” with wires attached to your head that is a “mind eraser” and you will leave a zombie. And when you are given an order. you will say, “Yes, master, I will obey” (page 170).

This book claims that all those who take the mark of the beast “will be forced to turn over their possessions” to the beast (page 196). This guy, who is supposedly in charge of the entire world and all of its gold, silver, diamonds, etc, needs your personal property? What is he going to do with the personal property of billions of people? LOL. Store it all in a warehouse the size of Texas? Perhaps he plans to sell it all to aliens?

This book was promoted on major Christian TV shows and has probably sold a million copies. I’m going to be sick!

But I guess that book is right on the exact level of many Christians!