A miracle I received when I was 20 years old

This is the story of how God saved me and an elderly couple from having a bad accident on the highway.

I was twenty years old and driving a fruit and vegetable delivery truck. It was Dec. or January. When I started out that morning about 5:30 a light rain started. I did not know that it was freezing on the roads.

Shortly after the sun was up I left a restaurant or convenience store in Marlow Oklahoma and headed south on a two-lane highway. Because my truck was heavy it was getting traction and I did not realize that the highway was covered with a layer of ice.

I topped a hill going about 45 miles per hour and not far ahead of me was a car that was doing only about 20-25 miles per hour. I gently pressed the brake and the truck immediately went into a slide. It fish-tailed to the left and continued to turn until I was facing the opposite direction, north. But the momentum of the truck was still carrying it south, down the highway and in the opposite lane, the north bound lane.

The truck stayed facing north and moving south for five to ten seconds, long enough to pass the slow moving car which was going south in the south bound lane. In other words, I passed the car while going backwards. After I passed far enough in front of the car, the truck suddenly shot across the road to the opposite side and went off the road, still facing north, and went into the entrance of a farmer’s field and came to a stop.

The car immediately passed me, its occupants had amazed looks on their faces. If the truck had gone off the road at any other spot, it would have gone into a ditch and I would have probably been injured. As it was the truck and I were undamaged as was the car I passed. The truck died as it came to a stop so I started it and made a u-turn and continued slowly south.

When I arrived home after work my mother asked me what happened, because the Holy Spirit had come upon her to pray for me.