B5 Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Last Days Deception

(1) The Truth Matters
(2) Warnings From God
(3) An Avalanche of Deception

Chapter 2: The Golden Calf
Chapter 3: The Way of Balaam

(1) Balaam
(2) Almost True Yet False Prophets

Chapter 4: False Signs and Wonders

(1) Gold Dust
(2) Gold Teeth and Familiar Spirits
(3) Bethel’s False Signs and Wonders

Chapter 5: An Almost True Yet False Revival

(1) A Flood of Deception Now in USA
(2) Vision of True and False Revival
(3) Toronto Exposed
(4) God’s Judgment Will Come Upon the False Revival Charismatics
(5) But God Started the Revival

Chapter 6: Look at the Evidence

(1) Bad Fruit
(2) Kundalini Spirit
(3) An Example From History
(4) An Example From History #2: The Kentucky Revival
(5) Negative Manifestations
(6) Brownsville?

Chapter 7: The False Lakeland Revival

(1) A False Prophet and a False Revival
(2) Spiritual Effects
(3) A Leader Speaks Out

Chapter 8: False WOF Doctrines

(1) Apostate Doctrines
(2) Died Spiritually and Went to Hell
(3) Jesus Became United With Satan
(4) Jesus Was Only A Man, We Are Gods
(5) More on Little Gods
(6) Faith Comes by Hearing?
(7) King’s Kids
(8) Saying Confessions
(9) The Truth About Faith
(10) Word of Faith and Healing
(11) Eternal Security Proven False
(12) The Prophetic Movement
(13) God’s Will
(14) Brief Summary

Chapter 9: Satan’s Minister

(1) In League With Satan
(2) Dumber than Rocks
(3) Benny Hinn: Big Time Liar and Counterfeit
(4) A Letter to the Assembly of God
(5) Kenneth Copeland
(6) Creflo Dollar

Chapter 10: Strange Fire and God’s Judgment
Chapter 11: Holy Laughter and Other Manifestations

(1) Holy Laughter
(2) A Misinterpretation
(3) The Continuation of the Gifts

Chapter 12: Prophetic Voices Crying in the Wilderness

(1) The Circuit Rider vs. The Televangelist
(2) What has become of the American church? What is this sickness spreading in the body of Christ?
(3) Modern Day Money Changers
(4) Caught in the Web of Deception
(5) The Fight Against Mammon (money)
(6) Clouds Without Water
(7) Crisis in The American Church
(8) A Dream About Fishermen in Shallow Water
(9) Woe! To The Money-Loving Christians
(10) Escape From Christendom
(11) Reproach of the Solemn Assembly
(12) 1968 Prophecy by 90-year-old Woman in Norway

Chapter 13: Conclusion