B6 Evidence of Early Gospels

Here is evidence that the Gospels were originally written within a few years of the Resurrection, contrary to the so-called experts say.

Parts of John’s letters have been found that have been carbon-dated to within just twenty-years or so of his original writing, and a fragment of the Gospel of Matthew* (some claim Mark) may date to within twenty years of Jesus’ death. Therefore, the claim that the Gospels were written much later is NOT TRUE:

Known as the ‘Jesus Fragment’ (it is currently at Oxford University), this tiny scrap, which covers a few verses of the twenty-sixth Chapter of Matthew (or possibly Mark), can be accurately dated to the middle of the First Century C.E. by the unique and precise style of calligraphy that was taught in the Scribal schools in Jerusalem prior to that city’s destruction in 70-C.E. We wouldn’t have even known of that writing style were it not for similar works from that period that were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls some fifty years ago.