Chris Reed: another Deut. 13 partly true yet false minister

There is another minister who is partly true and partly false who falls into the description given to us in Deut. 13. This fellow is Chris Reed. I believe he had a true prophetic dream from God, but when he ministers it is nothing like what has existed before, except in the New Age Movement.

I once believed he was a truly gifted fellow because he can tell someone what he dreamed, until I typed up 400 pages of text from an honest to goodness Spiritual outpouring that took place 100 years ago.

There are two things about Chris Reeds “gifting” that I will examine. One is that his ability to tell people what they dreamed does NOT lift up Christ, but it lifts up Chris Reed. “Oh, look at that great and amazing ability.” Seriously, people do NOT need to be told what they dreamed, they know what they dreamed; if God has a word for the person, then give them the word, telling them what they dreamed does nothing up exalt Chris Reed.

Other people with strong psychic ability can do what he does. So this indicates that his ability comes from either a psychic gift or divination, which is getting messages from the spirit-world but not from the Holy Spirit.

He operates like this, for example:

“I’m hearing Adam, or Adamson, does that mean anything to you?”

“I live on Adams Street.”

That is straight up psychic methods.

When God speaks he speaks clearly. There are many examples I found in the Pentecostal newspapers of 1906-1923 of God speaking clearly to ordinary people:

“I want you to send $10 to a missionary.”

“Which one Lord?”


“Where do I get his address.”

“Look in The Latter Rain Evangel.”

You won’t find one single example of “I’m getting parakeet, or paraclete”** in any of the 400 pages I typed up from those newspapers, for a new book.

I am sure that Christ actually believes he is getting these words and images in his head from God, but they are not. He is one of the many ministers today which fall into the category of “almost true, yet false prophet.”

** Advanced Prophetic Conference | Thursday Evening Session, 8/11/22; Christ Reed channel on Youtube.