The Truth About Angels and Near-Death Experiences: Introduction

by Michael D. Fortner

In this book, I will examine a vast amount of evidence about angels in an effort to learn as much about them as possible. I also expose the stories of fallen angels who have appeared, pretending to be good angels. And I do the same with Near Death Experiences; some are from God, some are from a being of light that I show is actually Satan, the “Shining One.”

People tend to like books that do not challenge their ideas and opinions, but that agree with, or at least confirm, their beliefs. Books about angels are no different. Some angel books hold a New Age point of view, others are theologically Catholic or Protestant. Authors normally do not include information that contradicts widely held beliefs about angels.

This book takes a non-denominational point of view, in that, it includes a little theology, and some general teaching and angel stories from an independent-thinker point of view. So this book does more than just include lots of angels stories, but I provide my own analysis to determine if it is a real, believable story or, if it could be an appearance of a fallen angel. For example, there is a commonly held belief that “The Angel of the Lord” in the Old Testament is the Pre-incarnate Jesus, but I have a chapter that proves, it is NOT.

Sometimes the stories in this book support Catholic doctrine, other times Protestant, and other times neither. I consider myself knowledgeable and wise enough to be able to recognize truth from error, so I include theological information and commentary, and angel stories that are believable to me personally, based on my decades of Bible study and having a God-given insight and ability to figure things out, which I have had from a young age (except perhaps during my puberty years). This book is not intended to be an encyclopedia of angelic information, but merely adds to our knowledge of the subject and improves upon it.

And finally, I have a chapter that examines Near Death Experiences (NDEs). This is a topic of growing importance because so many people have had them; and many do not show heaven or hell, but support a New Age after-life. I discuss this and provide a Biblically based, solid answer, with new insights.

And so, this book is only for those who are open-minded, truth seekers. If you believe that everyone who are not members of your denomination are going to hell, then this book is NOT for you. If you believe that the only truth that exists is found inside the Bible, and none is found in other books such as Enoch, or Tobit, etc., then this book is not for you. If you believe the Earth is flat, this book not for you! Don’t buy a book you know you will not like just so you can give it a 1-star rating. That is fraud.