How to spot a counterfeit, or whatever is false

The agents at the Department of the Treasury will tell you that the way to spot a counterfeit dollar bill is NOT to study fake bills, but to study and thoroughly know the genuine dollar bill.

This may at first seem counter intuitive, but it is totally accurate. There are many heresy hunters in the Christian church today who are pointing their fingers here and there and calling everything they see as being false, or a counterfeit move of God.

But those people do not know what the genuine move of God really is. Yes, they read the Bible, but the Bible is not detailed enough for just anyone to read it and understand everything they need to know. Let me explain.

I grew up attending a Pentecostal church which had a much more powerful move of the Holy Spirit than most Pentecostal churches. The visiting evangelists would often comment just that very thing. We often had no preaching during the Sunday night service because the Holy Spirit would “move.”

Because I grew up with in the genuine move of the Spirit, plus my study of Christian history and how God worked in past revivals, and I am very knowledgeable on this subject and can discern what is the genuine working of the Holy Spirit and what is not. (Plus the witness of the Holy Spirit!)

On the other side there is a fellow who grew up Roman Catholic, then went to a Pentecostal church that taught wrong doctrine regarding the Baptism of the Holy Spirit; that you must have the Baptism to be saved. Yet, he thinks he has more knowledge about what is a genuine move of the Spirit than I do. Everywhere he looks he sees nothing but falsehood, “those are false preachers,” “that is a false movement.” He does not even listen modern worship music because when he examines the churches which created the music, he cannot accept them. So, naturally he does not accept women preachers. He pretty much rejects ALL of modern-day movements and churches that are Charismatic or Pentecostal, yet he claims to believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues.

There are many people like him on the internet, they have channels on Youtube where they do in fact expose false teaching and false ministers, but they don’t stop there, everyone but themselves are false! It is “their way or the highway.” NO, THEY ARE WRONG!! They don’t know the genuine well enough to be able to see it or understand it, so they think everything is false. They are too used to seeing the false to know the genuine.

There are NO PERFECT churches or preachers, they all teach something that is wrong. They do not all agree with each other do they? No, therefore they must teach something that is wrong. Please do inform me when you find one that teaches 100% accurate doctrine. Oh, the one you attend! Right? WRONG. A sure sign of a false church is one that claims to be 100% accurate!

I have had to update my books many times as I came to a better understanding of a passage, so I still do not claim to be 100% accurate, though I believe my books are very close to it, and getting closer all the time.