I Dream About the Danger in Our Streets and Prayer

I was sleeping soundly on my comfortable bed when I had a disturbing dream. In the dream, I was looking out a window at my front yard. It was daytime but there was bad weather out there.

There was a stream of powerfully fast water mixed with air that created something like a wet road. My sister was driving a pickup truck at high speed on this mat, but going nowhere, as if the mat was a treadmill.

She was trying to get off of it but could not because she was going at such a high speed. If she just suddenly turned off she would crash into the house before being able to stop.

I stood there watching for some time, as she was having difficulty keeping it on the stream. Then it occurred to me that we (I and my mother were in the same room of the house) should pray that God will help her get off the stream of water/air safely. I was going to say that to my mother when suddenly a car that had become swept away by the torrent crashed head-on into the truck.

I yelled, “Oh NO! It’s too late! We should have prayed sooner! Call 911!


Although I have prayed, apparently not enough. This dream means we need to be praying a lot for our Christian brothers and sisters who are being affected by the trouble in our streets today, and that the trouble comes to an end immediately before more people get hurt and property gets damaged. Michael Fortner