Message from an Angel: Chris Reed

Here is the report that Chris Reed gave of the message that the angel gave him about what is coming soon:

Early this morning, and I say this with fear and trembling, I had an angelic visitation. An angel of the Lord came into my bedroom, when I woke up this morning. . . . He shared some things with me, and I shared them with Rick Joyner, . . . You all are the first to hear from the throne of God what an angel brought to me this morning about current events. . . . This angel told me this morning, May 13th, 2022, “Two children of the cold war will be removed and taken out of power.”


Just that terminology, I didn’t get it at first but then he went on. He said, “Joe Biden will be taken out of power and so will Valimer Putin; pretty soon, and both will happen fairly closely together.” That’s what he said.


When this happens, Kamela Harris of course is the V.P. and will replace the president. He said, “She will struggle with this in person, and even more behind the scenes in inadequacies.”


And he said, “Elizabeth Warren,” then senator from Massachusetts, “will emerge in that time to become more of a major player in this void after Biden is removed.” He didn’t say what she would do, but she would emerge in a very visible and prominent way.


Another thing he told me, is that the globalist New World Order system, in the current climate and crisis right now where there is one crisis after the other; and in light of my fifty-dollar bill dream which you all know, I had that in March and we are already starting to see things begin to happen just like in that dream, but he said to me these words, he said; and I’d heard a phrase like this before, and he said it clearly that:


“France wants another Napoleon, Spain wants another queen, and Greece wants another Alexander the Great, and Rome wants another Caesar.” That’s what he said. . . .


He went on to say that “Paris, France, will become a hot-bed of turbulance in the future. And that the president of France, Emanuel Macron, will gain more public notoriety and news coverage and will emerge with more worldwide recognition for his purpose false peace to Europe.”


Ok, I am not up here in any way telling you that this Emanuel Macron is the beast or the antichrist, but he did say to keep your eye [on him] and to watch him; because I believe hell has plans for this man. And the angel actually said to me, “I want you to look up his birthday.” It is interesting, after the encounter was over, I looked up his birthday, his birthday is Dec. 21st, which is the winter solstice. Ok, I’m not saying he’s, I’m saying anything don’t read too much into it, but that’s the birthday of every pagan god in Babylon. . . . So keep your eyes on Emanuel Macron. . . .


The angel also told me that some energy fields of the Earth are beginning to shift, he said this is one of the reasons why there is a change much of the climate. And he said “soon there will be a change that will cause a drastic increase in earthquakes.” Ok, and in this, he said, there will be a major significant war that will come to India and a sign of it will be a major earthquake [will] hit India before that.


Also, he said China will continue to advance its plans to attack Taiwan, but he said, “they will not stop there.” . . . And he said, “Tell the Lord’s people that their prayers are not in vain.” (School of The Prophets, Friday Evening Session, May 13, 2022)