Negative Manifestations

It is probable that I was the one who coined the term, “negative manifestations” in my book, Satan’s False Prophets Exposed. I define it as: God causing you to do or say something that exposes the truth about you; or will let people know that what they are seeing is of Satan.

For example: The architect of Pope Paul VI Audience Hall, most likely, did NOT intentionally design it so that we could see connections between the building and a serpent, but that is exactly the way it turned out. I do not believe it was a coincidence, I believe God caused him or her to make the decisions needed to show us the snake, as seen in the below images:

Here is another one I found online in late 2022:









God also caused negative manifestations to appear with Kenneth Hagin in one of his “anointed” meetings; he can be seen on video flicking his tongue out and around several times just like a snake, which you can see in this video below at the start, and a few minutes later.

In my first video (below) you will also hear Kenneth Copeland say, “come take the mark of the beast,” but he was speaking in his fake unknown tongues before those words, so it is possible that he thought he was still speaking in tongues but God caused him to say, “come take the mark of the beast.” What would be the point of him purposefully saying it? As he was not actually giving out a mark on anyone.