Pastor Dana Coverstone Dream – October: Protests, Explosions, Fall of U.S. Dollar

Pastor Dana Coverstone saw a calendar with the month of October being blown by a strong, fitful wind. He saw a finger appear & it pointed to the second week of the October and it dragged to the third week of October. Then it pointed to October 31st and it held the position. It tapped it and then held it.

He saw a rock that came flying out of the sky and landed in a large pond. The ripples started off small but then became vicious waves – like when a wind begins to blow stronger and the ripples start to go further out.

He saw federal officials’ faces that he recognized, state leaders, agency leaders and radicals (like the protesters from Portland, Seattle or Minneapolis). All of these people had a wick coming out of their heads like a firework wick. During the second week of October, he saw all the wicks from the heads of the people were simultaneously set on fire. The federal officials heads looked like an old M80 firework. The governors had heads like the black cat (1 1/2-2”) firecrackers. Everyone else had heads like the smaller lady finger style fireworks.

People are talking, starting to getting animated, and starting to yell. Facial expressions went from calm to animated to angry to screaming to out of their mind. Everybody’s heads blew up at the same time. Everyone was still alive but their heads had blown up. This resulted in sparks & debris blowing around the area which started fires all around them.

The protests were still taking place from previously but they went up another notch. The bystanders that were part of the protests but not really getting involved were called “not one of us”. These bystanders were not deemed as “violent or vicious as they should be” by the other protestors. Some of those bystanders were left on the side of the road looking like they were dead. They had been beaten because they were not protesting like the others were doing. If they were not complicit, they were beat on.

He was very upset by what he saw next. He saw elderly people being attacked. He saw the people that hold the Constitution & the flag dear, have common sense values, and are committed to faith & Biblical values being attacked. He even saw people trying to get into nursing homes to beat up the elderly.

He then saw a big $100 bill about the size of an American flag. It was hanging off a flag off a pole and it was burning from one corner. It was being lowered like at the end of the day. There were people with a hand over their heart that were crying because their god of money was being lowered and lost its value. The bill burned until about a third of it was left. Some people were devastated. Some people were celebrating that the American dollar was dying (value decreasing). Someone was playing “Taps” in the background.

Then he saw small churches and small groups of people kneeling & praying that were wrestling in prayer with the spirit of the age. These people were surrounded by bubbles of safety & there were angels guarding around the people. These were the faithful core of the church who had not been compromised in their values and faith. They were being encouraged to stand strong, to keep preaching & praying & believing & there were relentless attacks against them (just like what he saw occurring in his September dream). They stayed faithful. They were in the heat of the battle. They were praying. They were fighting to stay faithful. There were very few in number but that did not bother them. Behind each of these people he saw a small gate. The people never stood up. They were right there beside the gate.

Matthew 7:13-14, KJV

13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

He saw puffed up prophets and puffed up pastors wearing very expensive suits. They were preaching against persecution coming. They promised prosperity, wealth and only good things. As they spoke, their words were slurred like they were drunk. Some of their clothes were loose & coming off. A tie was loose and then taken off. A shirt was coming off. Pretty soon, they were standing there completely naked.

Then he saw a rug pulled out from underneath them. They went flying up in the air. They tried to be modest and cover up. He saw money they had received from the prophecies and ministries they had done selfishly go flying in the air. When they landed on the ground, they were all puffed up. They bit through their tongues as they landed. Pieces of their tongues went flying. They tried to reach for the bits of their tongues but could not reach these as these were beyond their reach. He was reminded of the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”*. They were exposed.

Then the scene went back to those who were still praying. The warfare was still tense but the present strength was obvious in those that were praying.

Then he saw one last scene. He saw circus clowns in suits. They were pouring buckets of oil & grease on the ground in front of election venues. The signs said “Elections _ weeks away”. The clowns were dancing, juggling and acting like clowns. People trying to vote were sliding past the doors & being distracted by the clowns from doing what they were supposed to be doing (i.e. voting). Even though the clowns were professional, they were doing skits that were sinister & abusive. The clowns watched anyone coming to vote at the venue with suspicion & angst. The clowns were doing everything they could to keep people from voting & distract them from what was going on.

Then he saw a big billboard that read “Passover 2021. Big things are coming for the world.”.

A white figure appeared & said to him, “Do not stop bracing for the storm for the storm will not pass until I stop the storm”. So brace, brace, brace yourself & don’t look back.

He had this dream Monday, August 10th with glimpses of it for a couple days before.

Make sure you are right with the Lord. Make sure you are right with Jesus. Our whole world is about to be turned upside down. You will be able to watch and see.

Believers stand strong. Repent of your sins. Confess those things. Become accountable. Get rooted & grounded in the Word like you need to be. Be praying like you never have prayed before.

We are going to be weighed & tested. It will be obvious who has been living for the Lord and who has been faking it the whole time. Get real.

*Key meaning from the story – ”The Emperor’s pride prevents him from admitting that he cannot see the clothes. Such an admission would make him seem stupid, if the weavers are to be believed. He ends up deceiving himself, because his pride matters more to him than the truth of his own eyes. The message is that pride comes before a fall.”

Video September 30, 2020
Dream 16:
September 26, 2020
I saw a huge field. It was flat and open and on either side right and left it stayed flat for about a mile and elevated to a small hill on each side and in the middle was a glimmering silver line about five feet wide that divided the entire flat area. The sky had no clouds and the sun was at high noon although I could not see it from where I was. There was a lot of heat and you could see the heat waves coming off the ground, very, very hot.
On either side of the glimmering silver line, I saw a large number of people resembling what appeared to be armies. To my left was a very dark , demonic army with red horses and weapons heavily armored obviously ready and prepared to for war that they were about to be involved with. They had horses that grunted and pranced and pawed at the ground anticipating battle. The handlers of the horses stroked their necks to calm them down as they were sitting on the horses ready to go to war or do something with intention. They were very confident as they prepared to fight.
The other side was a much smaller army, both in stature and in number. They appeared to be mesmerized by the army on the left almost as if they couldn’t believe what they were seeing, not afraid but so awed that they couldn’t move but stared, almost in a dead stare. Some of these people had armor but it was shoddy and broken, split swords and broken shields. They were a rag tag group of people unprepared especially going against the group on the left. They seemed very disorganized and ill prepared.
Suddenly down the hill behind the smaller army there were 10 white horses with armor and riders with large swords and very good armor and flowing capes. They ride down behind the smaller army and come right up behind the people and begin to yell out strategies, “Here’s what we’re going to do. We need you guys to go on this side, we need to flank the army on the left, we need you to be ready and prepared, we need to be watching.” One group was told to stand on the other side of the line to make sure nobody got past the horsemen. The leader stated clearly that it was time to engage and that every single one was needed for the fight. This leader wasn’t just begging. He was saying, here is the way it is, heres what’s going on, here is life, we’ve got to fight this battle, you’ve got to go with us, we are going to lead the way, you follow right behind.
The horsemen went up and down in front laying out that strategy saying everyone was ready for the fight. Finally, the horsemen got very close to the line and the leader yelled, “Charge!” They went flying across the line but only the horsemen and his riders crossed the line.
The armies began to clash swords and fight. It was very close, hand to hand combat. The men were on their horses and they kept fighting. I saw and heard the clanging of armor and swords and a lot of action and excitement going on. I could see there was concern in the leaders eyes because they kept looking back to see where everyone else was, asking them to come and help fight and push them back, that they needed them, but nobody showed up, nobody came near that line. They came close to it and were watching mesmerized but nobody crossed the line. Finally, some in the smaller army began to run back. They were walking backwards so they could keep watching what was coming and they went almost to the top of the hill and sat down and began watching the battle from the top of the hill. The 10 riders and horses were still victorious, fighting and clashing although tired and worn down but they kept fighting and would not disengaged or go back across the line. The people sitting on the hill just sat down and watched. They only watched the battle and paid no attention to their surroundings.
Suddenly, on the hill behind the ones who retreated, a group of 20 dark forces snuck up behind them carefully, without horses, staying close to the ground. The people had no idea they were coming. The evil people had swords, axes and large clubs as they were closing in. As they got within feet of them they attacked and literally beheaded five of them before they even knew what was happening. They began to stir and realize they were being chased and started running down toward the army even though the enemy was behind them and in front of them. They started to yell toward the others warning them the enemy was coming behind them. They had no armor or swords and no way to defend themselves. The field was open and empty. There was nothing else there except this wide open sky. They either had to cross the line into the battle or get killed where they are. The people next to the line were only watching the battle. A few turned around and heard what was going on and began to squint their eyes and realized something was wrong but they still would not cross the line. They would not cross the line where the warriors were to get close to the situation. So these folks were easily killed. They were basically killed where they stood. They would not engage because they had no weapons. They simply cowered down and died right there on the field. Some had tried to run around the army but soon more flanked on each side and they found themselves surrounded. All while the battle was going on the other side of the line. Part of the dark army that flanked them took out the retreating army and the army that didn’t cross the line. The 10 riders were still fighting, they were successful and winning, although there was blood and damage but they kept fighting like they were determined. They knew they had to engage and they would not back away or stop. The enemy was pushed back.
Even as the enemy was pushed back, what I was seeing was from the top of the hill on the side of the line where the small army had been, it was literally littered with dead corpses of people who had been killed. People who had been beheaded and ran through and viciously killed all because they would not engage and didn’t have the equipment and armor or swords. They were in a place they should’ve never been to begin with because they weren’t ready. Those folks never crossed the line. The riders on the horses kept fighting as if they anticipated this battle while the rest that stood on the side were dead, out of commission.
What stood out to me was there were only a few pushed the enemy back but also a few of the evil ones took out many because they weren’t ready.
Interpretation is obvious, you better stay prepared. That silver line was a line you’ve got to cross that too many have not crossed because they haven’t been ready, they haven’t been praying, they haven’t been seeking God’s face. And there have been warnings, not just by me in dreams, but there’s been warnings from prophets, pastors and teachers for decades and centuries, even from the prophets to get ready for the things that are coming. That silver line was a very refined and purified life that is committed and surrendered to Jesus to cross. We need the spiritual maturity and experience in warfare and if we have those things we can win. And God’s trying to warn and wake the church up that these things are coming and there is coming and will be a day when there is nothing you will be able to do ever again to prepare for the things we are facing. There’s a line and a time that will determine whether we are ready or not and when that time begins, it’s going to be too late to prepare or make a difference. We’ve been warned to get ready and if we’re not, we pay the price. And there will be a price to pay for being ready. There will be opposition, persecution, challenges to our faith, and who we are as believers. But those that are ready will be ready and that’s what will matter the most.
To those of you who are hearing this dream, I’m going to challenge you to get ready and stay ready. This is not the time to lag back in your faith, or to take a spiritual vacation, or to ditch the church, or to stop reading and praying, or to let go of disciplines because these things are going to be required for us to face the things that are coming in the future. They’re coming because the word of God tells us there will be trials and tribulations, so church, if you’re not awake, you don’t have much time.
Stay awake. Stay ready and engage in the battle because that’s what God requires us to do.