Quotes from the Book of Enoch

I have a couple of quotes from the Book of Enoch in my books, but I recently discovered several important passages while writing a commentary of Enoch. This is really for people that have already read my books.

Chapter 54
. . .
9 Then shall princes combine together, and conspire. The chiefs of the east, among the Parthians and Medes, shall remove kings, in whom a spirit of perturbation shall enter. They shall hurl them from their thrones, springing as lions from their dens, and like famished wolves into the midst of the flock.

This passage tells us that several nations in the Middle-East will “combine together” or will form an alliance for the purpose of making war. They will “remove kings”.

10 They shall go up, and tread upon the land of their elect. The land of their elect shall be before them. The threshing-floor, the path, and the city of my righteous people shall impede the progress of their horses. They shall rise up to destroy each other; their right hand shall be strengthened; nor shall a man acknowledge his friend or his brother;

It says the land of “their elect” but Enoch is a very old book and the proper understanding of the passage is probably “the elect” or Israel. This tells us that the alliance of nations will invade Israel. It also appears to say that another nation, the “city of my righteous people,” will war against this combine of nations. This nation is probably a Christian nation. Or it could refer to Christians world-wide since there will be many nations by this time with a high percentage of Christians.

11 Nor the son his father and his mother; until the number of the dead bodies shall be completed, by their death and punishment. Neither shall this take place without cause.

12 In those days shall the mouth of hell be opened, into which they shall be immerged; hell shall destroy and swallow up sinners from the face of the elect.

I believe that what is describe here is World War III which will bring about cause the deaths of billions of people; and also the time of God’s wrath upon the world which will purge the world of all sinners.

Chapter 55

1 After this I beheld another army of chariots with men riding in them.
2 And they came upon the wind from the east, from the west, and from the south.
3 The sound of the noise of their chariots was heard.

This is a continuation and apparently describes the battle of Armaggedon when many nations of the world will converge for war in the Middle-East. It even describes the great earthquake that will destroy every major city on Earth during this period of time which is the full strength of God’s wrath upon the world.

4 And when that agitation took place; the saints out of heaven perceived it; the pillar of the earth shook from its foundation; and the sound was heard from the extremities of the earth unto the extremities of heaven at the same time.

Notice that the saints are in heaven during the battle of Armageddon and the full strength of God’s wrath. This agrees with my view that the rapture will take place before the nuclear war which is before the battle of Armageddon.

5 Then they all fell down, and worshipped the Lord of spirits.
6 This is the end of the second parable.

Chapter 56

1 I now began to utter the third parable, concerning the saints and the elect.
2 Blessed are you, O saints and elect, for glorious is your lot.
3 The saints shall exist in the light of the sun, and the elect in the light of everlasting life, the days of whose life shall never terminate; nor shall the days of the saints be numbered, who seek for light, and obtain righteousness with the Lord of spirits.
4 Peace be to the saints with the Lord of the world.
5 Henceforward shall the saints be told to seek in heaven the secrets of righteousness, the portion of faith; for like the sun has it arisen upon the earth, while darkness has passed away. There shall be light interminable; nor shall they enter upon the enumeration of time; for darkness shall be previously destroyed, and light shall increase before the Lord of spirits; before the Lord of spirits shall the light of uprightness increase for ever.

Interminable– Or, “which cannot be numbered” (Laurence). Notice that this chapter seems to describe the Millennial Reign of Christ which will be without the presence of evil. Though righteousness, or light, will increase, so will the literal light of the sun be increased during this time as described in my book.

There are actully many more important passages in Enoch, such as passages that indicate the saints will go through the great tribulation, but I will leave them for the commentary on Enoch.