Summary of Pastor Dana Coverstone’s dreams

Here is a summary of each of Pastor Dana Coverstone’s dreams and links to each video, the summary was done by Sharon Bentley who is a member of his facebook group. Some of it is a summary, some is what he actually said.
I listened to all of Pastor Dana Coverstone videos of the dreams/visions he has had, some of which have already came true, and I typed notes of the dreams/visions, so I thought I would share them for those who may want to copy it for easy reference.
Video June 25, 2020
Dream 1:
December 2019
Saw Calender January 2020
Calender flipped January, February, March
March underlined and tapped 3 times
April, May, June
June underlined and tapped 3 times
Saw people marching and protesting
People wearing masks, lines waiting at hospitals
Doctors with syringes
People on ventilators
People very sick
Newspaper headlines 1,000s getting sick
Ambulances flying down roads
Cities on fire, buildings burned
Protesters with masks
People with fists in air, yelling and screaming
Courthouses surrounded
People mad at the world
Guns, shotguns held in air
Barriers within cities
Vultures flying over cities.
Smoke rising
People in fear, terrified, looking out homes
Heard words “Brace yourself, brace yourself “
Dream 2:
June 22, 2020
Saw Calendar with white figure rep Holy Spirit
Voice said, part 2
Saw calendar June, July, August, September
September was underlined and tapped 3 times
Then October, November and became intense
Finger underlined November and fist balled up and slammed the calendar and it exploded with a cloud of chaos
Saw armed protesters, fighting in streets, businesses shuttered schools closed with cobwebs and deserted, bank buildings with roofs removed, wealth taken, politicians in back rooms making crooked deals, DC burning, fires everywhere, people being rounded up, Chinese and Russian soldiers on US soil, Russian soldiers ordering Chinese soldiers to round up people, blue helmets of UN and military operations taking places, no sign of Trump or leadership in DC, vultures were now gargoyles ten feet off the ground attacking people mercilessly, people hiding, churches burned, homes burned, chaos.
Heard words “Brace yourself, brace yourself “
Dream 3:
June 23, 2020
Just had yard sale for team going to Ecuador
Went to bank to get change for rummage sale
Saw sign on bank that said no change available
President of bank said US Mint is no longer making change and to prepare for hyper inflation and that $1 and $5 bills would soon follow
Heard words “Brace yourself, brace yourself “
Video June 27, 2020
Dream 4:
June 26, 2020
Standing over field like a valley and there were wolves in the field and they were asleep, 100s of wolves, dark gray, menacing, nuzzling and sleeping, and a dark figure ran amongst the wolves and began to whip the wolves, waking them up. He kept whipping them, beating them into a frenzy, trying to wake them up, as they were in fear of him. He pointed his finger and spun around and said, go to the cities, and the wolves took off in every direction, howling at the top of their lungs.
The sky was dark.
Next, I was standing in front of 100s of tv screens watching men of God of all nationalities preaching the gospel, sweating, preaching hard, calling people to righteousness and holiness and to give up ungodly things, and I see people in the pews yawning, walking out, and I see a few people in every church who were intently listening and supporting their man of God and praying, and there was a gap between those payimg attention and those who weren’t. Suddenly you could hear the howling of the wolves and scratching on the doors. Then the people praying began intensely praying. Then the wolves came in and began sniffing around and the people not paying attention were unaware the wolves were there.
The wolves had red ravenous eyes, like LED lights when they were awakened by the black figure but when they came into the churches, their eyes weren’t red. I didn’t recognize some of the people in my chirch, just the core group in the front. The wolves sat down in the same pews next to the people who were not listening and the people didn’t understand there were wolves next to them. The more I preached, the wolves eyes became more and more red, and the people next to them became irritated saying shut up, stop preaching that. The men of God kept preaching. The wolves start going toward the preachers and start trying to bite them and getting in their face and growling and biting their arms and taking some of the preachers down but they keep preaching and the people keep praying. The wolves didn’t attack the people praying, just the people not paying attention and the preachers. The preachers were being overwhelmed and attacked. People were getting up and leaving and making a scene slamming the doors.
Suddenly the scene changed to courtrooms with judges with have is pounding at the bench and saw pastors with chains and shackles and people in the jury seats crying. The judges were saying, you can no longer preach this message and declare that any lifestyle is sin and can’t say Jesus is the only way or that abortion is a sin, cannot call alternative lifestyles sin, can’t say these things violate scripture, can no longer preach from scripture. Preacher said they can’t do that and the judges were angrily slamming their gavels. Then the church was surrounded by a mob of people yelling to shut it and burn it down and being hateful and harassing church goers. Most of the people in the crowds were the people in the pews who were not paying attention.
Some of the biggest persecution came from the people in the pews who never accepted the word of God, children and grandchildren who had been raised in church all their lives. They said the gospel had no power and they wanted to do what they wanted to do. They were throwing rocks and had baseball bats and guns in their hands and making threats at those coming out of the church – backsliders – pushing back against what they were taught. I saw pulpits being chopped to pieces and glass pulpits hammered to pieces. I saw Christians being publicly ridiculed and assaulted.
I heard, brace yourself, brace yourself, and endure to the end.
Video July 2, 2020
Vision 5:
June 28, 2020
Aimed at Spirit filled people.
I was in the pulpit walking back and forth praying for the morning service.
I saw a long rectangular room with a door at the very end with no windows and concrete floors.
Ten people were lined up on their knees, five men and give women. The men had no shirts on and the women were dressed modestly but they were all bent down as if they were about to be executed.
Behind the first man in line, a dark figure shows up and begins to beat him with a whip.
All ten of these people were praying out loud, not yelling or screaming, just out loud in tongues.
They were of different color, different races, and different nationalities.
No one is speaking English at all so I can tell in my dream in the Spirit that all these people were praying in tongues and they’re about to get beaten for it. The first person was getting beaten just as hard as they can but they keep praying in tongues, keep praying in tongues, keep praying in tongues. Finally the beating gets so bad the guy goes down to the ground and the person with the whip gets down and begins to listen in the ears of the person who is praying.
They’ve gone from speaking in tongues out loud to whispering in tongues. So the man gets up and begins to beat the man until he’s unconscious. Then he steps behind the next person and pulls out a different type of weapon more like a cane pole like you see someone in the Philippines being beaten with. That person begins to beat on the man as he is praying in tongues. Once again they are consistently praying in tongues the whole time. They don’t stop when one person is being beaten.
The focus is on one person being beaten at a time. Everybody is praying in tongues. That’s one specific thing I know from the vision I saw.
The second person begins to get beaten with that cane pole and that person begins to get louder and louder in tongues. And as he begins to get louder, the beating intensifies to the point that the guy just drops to his knees.
The third man walks behind him and picks up a different type of weapon like [for] a flagellation like the Romans used with pieces of metal and rocks and glass and bone and he begins to whip him and they guy stops praying in tongues, takes a deep breath and begins again so the man hits him again and it sticks in him again so he stops praying in tongues and he starts again so the guy beats him again. Finally he says, I can’t take this, I can’t take this. The figures says, then stop. He says, okay I will stop. The figure drops the weapon, grabs the man and leads him to the door, opens it, lets him out, shuts the door and comes back.
The beating continues on all the people, only one person leaves. When the beatings were done, the nine people that were left were bloody and in pain and agony but continued to pray in tongues and they got louder and louder. One lady was groaning in the Spirit, laying on the ground in pain yet she was still groaning in the Spirit.
The dark figure I assume was a man kept yelling at them accusing them of lying about being filled with the Spirit, accusing them of pretending to pray in tongues and that it really wasn’t the Spirit of God and they had no power, no authority, or no ability, yet they were still alive praying in tongues.
Video July 13, 2020
Dream 6:
July 10, 2020
Saw a calendar on September and a hand pulled the month of September off the calender and laid it on the altar in front of the secret place with the horns on the altar. I was instructed to stand on the month and pray for the church to have a strong backbone, for corruption to be exposed and for a great harvest in the coming months. I was instructed to get help because I was not enough. Suddenly, the calendar under my feet was getting bigger and bigger until it was life size. I was standing on Tuesday, September 1st. The cry went out to pray. Every day of the month, people were standing on the days of September praying for the church, some praying in tongues, some praying loudly, some quietly, some prostrate, some kneeling. The cry went out again for help to pray. More people showed up to pray.
A finger came and wrote “A Solemn” in front of September. And the word “Assembly” after September. The number of people praying kept growing and growing until the contour of the month of September was the same as a map of the United States. I was standing on the states of Washington and Oregon area.
The more we prayed, I saw storm clouds appear. I saw fires outside the country and in the country. I saw fires of revival and fires of opposition. The call kept going out “Pray church pray.” I saw warfare in the heavens and it was making the people praying weary. Believers were holding each other up and standing together of all races and status. The heavens was filled with battle. I saw angels and demons in warfare. But I saw believers in battle that was severe and intense. There were wounds and exhaustion. I saw bruised on arms and hands and shoulders. It seemed like it lasted forever. Finally the battle wss over. My eyes were drawn to the last days of September. I saw people who were broken and wounded but standing victoriously.
I saw the heavens open with the Lord standing with his angels saying , “Arise my bride, arise my bride, and prepare to pray. Arise my bride, arise my bride, and prepare for battle. Arise my bride, arise my bride, and prepare to see my face. For I am coming soon and my reward is with me.” It was like the sound of one thousand shofars blowing at once and I could feel the wind hit my face.
Video July 26, 2020
Dream 7:
July 25, 2020
Saw a calender starting in July and it was fading and I saw the months of August through December on the calendar suddenly get bold and highlighted with a black marker. Suddenly I was in an abandoned slaughter house in the hometown where I grew up about half a block where I was staying overgrown with weeds and it came alive with smoke in the smokestack and movement inside. I realized it was demons inside starting to appear before my eyes with weapons on them preparing for war. I realized this was happening in all major cities and small rural communities.
The demons were meeting and preparing for war in that region. They were just like sleeper cells, like terrorists sleeper cells getting ready for something, only these were demons. The cities of Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Louisville were the opening assaults and much more was planned by these cells with violence and chaos. The first volley that I saw an assault on preachers in the area of sexual temptations and accusations. I saw the spirits of lust and pornography unleashed relentlessly, a full frontal attack on the minds of Christian men in the country.
I saw ministry marriages under strong spiritual attacks. Then I saw smoke rising from outdoor funeral piers. I saw headlines with sudden increase in suicides, great waves of suicides, and some in Christian leadership. I saw people demanding the government fix the reasons for the suicides which were financial losses, forced evictions, job loss, depression spikes, drug overdoses, rampant increase in abuse, emotional, sexual and physical because of Covid shutdowns. Then I saw post offices that were open only two to three days a week and large fields filled with postage trucks. I saw the unemployment rate hit above 50% in the headlines with no help from the government and that spurned violence toward the people in government in DC and the crowds were heinous.
I saw the same white figure and he said, “Brace yourself, brace yourself.” With emphasis on the word brace.
Video August 13, 2020
Dream 8:
August 10, 2020
I saw a calendar on the month of October and it was waving like it was being blown by a strong wind, just a fitful wind, not violent wind. I saw a finger appear and it pointed to the second week of October and it dragged the finger through the third week of the month. Then it pointed to October 31st and held the position. It tapped it and held it. The first thing I saw was a rock flying out of the sky and into a large pond and the ripples started out small but then became like vicious waves. When the wind began to grow stronger, the ripples began to grow further out.
I saw federally elected officials, faces I recognized, specific state governors, agency leaders. I saw radicals like you would see in Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis and they had wicks coming out of their heads like a firecracker wick. The second week of October, I saw all those wicks coming out of their heads simultaneously set on fire. Federal officials had wicks on their heads shaped like an old M-80. The governors had heads shaped like the black cat firecrackers. Everyone else had heads shaped like the lady finger firecrackers. All these people started to get animated and yelling and screaming and their facial images went from calm to red faced out of your mind primal scream. Everyone’s head blew up at the same time but they were still alive. There were sparks and debris flying all through the area and it started fires around them.
Then I saw the protests were still taking place but went up another notch. The rioters started assaulting the protesters who weren’t violent and they were beaten and left for dead on the side of the roads. I saw elderly people being attacked. The people who held the flag and constitution dear and who had the common sense values and faith and biblical principles. I saw people going into nursing homes to attack elderly.
Then I saw a big $100 bill the size of a flag hanging of the side of a pole and it was burning from one corner and it was being lowered like at the end of the day. And there were people crying and holding their hand over their heart and devastated because their god of money was being burned and lowered as it lost its value to 1/3 of its value. But some people were celebrating that the dollar was dying and playing taps in the background.
Then I saw small churches and groups of people kneeling in prayer wrestling with the spirit of the age and they were protected by angels guarding around them. These were the faithful core who had not been compromised in their values and faith. They were being encouraged to stand strong and keep preaching, praying and believing. There were relentless attacks against them just like the wolves I saw in the September dream. But they stayed faithful. They were in the heat of the battle, praying, fighting, wrestling. They were few in numbers but that didn’t bother them and I saw behind them a small gate and I was reminded of Matthew 7:13-14, enter by the narrow gate, enter by the small road. They never stood up even though they were by the gate, they just stood right there beside it.
Then I saw puffed up pastors and prophets with very expensive suits and they were preaching against the idea of persecution but promised prosperity, health and wealth. As they spoke, their words were slurred like they were drunk. Their clothes were falling off until they were naked. I saw this rug pulled out from underneath them as they flew up into the air and they were trying to cover themselves and money was flying out from them from all the money they selfishly received from their ministries. When they landed on the ground, they bit through their tongues and the pieces of their tongues flew in the air as they tried to grab them but they were beyond their reach. It reminded me of the story, the Emperor’s New Clothes. They were exposed.
The scene went back to those who were praying and the warfare was intense but strength was obvious in those who were praying.
I saw clowns in suits and they were pouring oil and grease on the ground in front of election polling stations. There was a sign that showed the election was weeks away. These clowns were dancing and juggling. When people tried to go and vote, they were sliding past the doors of the polling station and couldn’t get in to vote. The clowns were trying to distract these people from doing what they were supposed to do. They were doing it in a professional way by juggling and doing skits but the skits were sinister and abusive. If anyone tried to approach the polling stations, the clowns looked at them with suspicion and angst. They did everything they could to keep people from voting.
Then I saw this big billboard and it said “Passover 2021 – Big Things Are Coming For the World.”
And that white figure appeared and said, “Do not stop bracing, for the storm will not pass until I stop the storm. So brace, brace, brace yourselves and don’t look back.”
Video August 25, 2020
Dream 9:
August 17, 2020
Calendar month of November bent, torn and dirty.
Trees in the background that were leafless but few had scarce amount of leaves and they turned like it was about to rain. Sky was dull gray with extreme cloud cover. The finger appeared and circled November 3rd continuously in a clockwise direction and suddenly changed to counterclockwise and these images began to appear.
Cities on fire
Headlines that read, “Trump victory challenged everywhere,” on digital marquees like in New York Times Square. Protesters in the streets were weary and sleepy and appeared dirty and dingy like they hadn’t showered or slept in weeks. A bell rang and suddenly these people came to life. They woke up and started salivating like a dog like Pavlov’s dog, big buckets of saliva and it seemed to stay in their shirts.
I saw people screaming and getting violent over the election results, firing weapons randomly in the air, people were angry and mad. I saw a person with a sign that said, “The obvious winner is not so obvious,” on a placard like the world is about to end. He held his head in shame. The crowd was in a frenzy with hatred even hitting each other with their signs and banners with wrath. I saw more cities with pillars of smoke like wild fire storms in California.
I saw crumbled burned out buildings in Washington DC, not monuments but business and commercial real estate. Headlines declared that rebuilding would take time and trust would take even longer and government could not do it in a timely fashion. That’s when I saw a treasury official who’s in the treasury department right now wink almost as if he’s looking at a camera on tv with a big smile and open mouth and a wink with the right eye with an almost sarcastic type way.
Then I saw a Conestoga wagon, think of Little House on the Prairie, and Kamala Harris was driving the wagon led by two mules, but Joe Biden was not riding beside Kamala Harris but on one of the far left mules and at her side was a mechanical box that could trigger dynamite like you see in the Wild E Cyotoe movies where you push down and it blows up. The trigger was in an upright position. The wind started blowing the back of the wagon open and in the back was Civil War type cases of dynamite like in the late 1860s or 1870s. Most of it was in cases stamped “dynamite” but there was some loose ones in an open wicker basket, which didn’t fit the timeline.
Harris began to whip the mules, hitting Biden as well but he was unaware of it. The mules started heading toward a target picking up speed.
This is where I saw Hillary Clinton standing behind Trump on his knees. She was wearing like a Wima Flinstone dress that wasn’t finished with patches and seams with strings and no collar like it didn’t fit her properly. She had a very ugly gaudy ring on her index finger and it looked like it had blood on it. She had a skeleton key hanging from her neck. She had Trump on his knees with a Roman gladius knife held to his left side of his throat and the skeleton key was dangling in front of his face and the key looked like it had blood and black mold all over it and it looked like it left a Nazi symbol on her shirt where it was banging up against her shirt. I’m not saying she’s a Nazi, I’m just saying the key left that symbol on her shirt like it was tainted and stained black and red and ugly gaudy.
The wagon starts picking up speed and they are heading toward Clinton and Trump. Hillary’s face was giddy but next to her leg was an animal trap like a bear trap. Suddenly Trump grabs the key with his left hand and pulls it down and with his right hand he hits Hillary in her face in the chin and she dropped the knife and steps back and Trump began to run off quickly. Then Hillary steps into the trap and she tries to get out and get the knife but she can’t. As Trump runs, he goes toward his car called the beast and I hear three handgun shots fired and a secret service agent steps in and gets shot by one bullet, and another agent gets shot by a second bullet, and a third secret service agent jumps in front of the third bullet and then he gets into the beast and at that moment I saw secret service agents surround the beast but instead of normal AR15s, they were equipped with muskets and none of them were wearing their sunglasses and they were all standing around the car looking out with the muskets held up watching while the car moved slowly.
Hillary tried to pull her leg out of the trap but she couldn’t and suddenly the wagon struck her and there was a huge explosion and throws the carcasses of the mules on top of the building rubble and smoke was coming off of them like they were being grilled. And Biden was down in the middle of the street with wheel tracks on his back with vultures sitting on his head.
I’m not trying to make fun or disrespect anyone in political leadership at this moment. Those that know me know how I feel about certain leader but I still pray for them.
Harris was crying in disbelief and her tears were the size of quarters, like quarters were coming out of her eyes.
There was a huge hole in the ground and buildings were collapsed.
Then I saw the church and there was a separation line and there was no middle ground left as the sides had to be taken. There was fire on the altars in the churches around the nation and I saw fire moved on the heads of people who had been praying. And above the heads of many I saw an actual question mark like they were confused by what they were seeing in the world and the church.
I heard a voice say, those that refuse to get ready will be wanting in the end, so brace yourself and tell others I have warned them to brace themselves for they are about to see even more shocking things. I’m thinking of Habakkuk here and a passage I preached over the weeks.
Dream 10:
August 21, 2020
One short dream last night where the figure in white appeared and said, “Ready or not nation, here it comes so brace yourself.
Dream 11:
August 24, 2020
I saw a calendar turned to the month of November. I saw this light in the sky, a very large bright light and then darkness. Then I began to make out that it was morning and the night was going away and haze was drifting away. I saw many Americans and they were in emergency shelter. It seemed to be more along the gulf coast area. They were huddled together shivering.
There were individuals laying on cots and there were suitcases all over the place and a lot of desperate looks on everyone’s face. There were encouragers in the crowd all wearing crosses and they stood out emotionally from everyone else because they seemed to have hope and smiles on their faces while everyone else looked downtrodden and despaired, angry, frustrated, confused. They were checking on people trying to show patience and kindness but at times people were angry and told them to go away but the encouragers kept doing what they were doing despite the manifested upset people.
I saw businesses that were shuttered in bigger cities and gas stations empty where people just walked away from them.
I saw headlines and one read, “Shock and awe in the US.” Another read, “UN steps in to help its host nation.”
The nation was quiet with no riots almost like it hadn’t awakened from a bad dream yet. It was fitful, suspicious, weary. I saw people looking around taking everything in with their eyes like they were hesitant, expecting something else to happen.
The sun was shining behind the clouds but it was not out yet. Then the white figure appeared again and said, “Remain braced as this calm comes before a gathering storm that recovery will have a hard time finding. Remain braced as this calm comes before a gathering storm that recovery will have a hard time finding.”
Video September 4, 2020
Dream 12:
August 28 – September 4, 2020
“I saw the calendar of December and I saw a finger underline slowly and like it was pushing slowly and forcefully under the line of the name December. It flipped over to January and then underlined it just as slow and was pushing.
First thing I saw was long food lines. I saw people waiting for what seemed like hours and they were standing in line and not in cars, and I saw this throughout the nation. I saw ships in ports, on both east and the west coast, they were just sitting idle. There was nothing moving at sea… nothing. And, I saw a headline that said the Baltic dry index is dead. They said that nothing was moving in trade around the world. And. one thing I noted there were no Christmas lights. This was December. There were no holiday displays, there were no sales mentioned, no Christmas lights, no Christmas displays, no Santa Claus, no Christmas type things going on at all.
It was a great sadness over the land and it was…people seemed very dazed and they seemed very confused. But there were Christians who stood out because they had faith and hope in Christ. And, they appeared like…they looked like burning charcoal and they were carrying torches wherever they went.
And, a lot of people rejected their approach but they kept their faith. They didn’t back down from telling people about Jesus. They kept telling people that they desperately need Jesus at that moment. It was… you need Jesus now… you need Jesus now…. you need Jesus now! Don’t wait…you don’t have tomorrow. You need Jesus now. And…a lot of it was rejected but there were some that were coming and surrendering and praying and being saved in the dream.
I saw what looked like shopping malls that had been converted into shelters or living quarters. It reminded me of Hurricane Katrina, when it came through, and the football stadium. The businesses in those malls were shuttered, but I saw people on cots. I saw food outreach things going on. I saw people who were misplaced. This was not like a homeless shelter, this was like something that happened that people were in shelters. I continued to see shuttered properties. I saw people in homes who were wearing coats. While the windows….they were looking out closed curtains and that’s been a consistent thing in the dreams….People inside their homes looking out at what’s going on. When people were looking out the curtains, the curtains came back far enough that I could see more of the snow like stuff that was on the road….it was dingy, it was dark, it was gray. It wasn’t white pure snow like after a first fresh snowfall. I saw headlines said nationwide outages plagued the southwest. Another headline that said Americans don’t know who to blame for darkness. And, some of the darkness in the areas stretched into Canada…it was north. It wasn’t everywhere, but I saw America as lights flickering. It was like I saw the whole country outlined. The United States of America including Alaska and Hawaii. It was flickering, it was like right before a light goes out…it flickers, it starts flashing. That was what it looked like. It was like America was a light bulb about to go out.
I saw vultures, I saw vultures… food hanging out their mouth. And, these vultures were…heavy… a word I don’t like to use is the word fat, but these vultures were fat. And, they had rotting food hanging out of their mouths. I saw depression as a figure, as a creature and it was… it had a face mask on with a smile, but it was choking people, pushing them down to the ground.
Then I saw the St. Louis Arch and I saw people standing under the St. Louis Arch in very, very expensive business suits. All of them had very expensive watches and at their feet were these briefcases… larger than briefcases almost like it reminded me of like a nuclear suitcase… a nuclear briefcase that they talked about in the 80’s. And, suddenly all of their alarms went off at the same time and they hit them and they grabbed the briefcase. They got into these black SUV’s, and of course the Mississippi River goes right through their and it divides the country. And I saw them getting into the black SUV’s and they went east and they were they were going all over the place. Each of them had a Wall Street Journal, a newspaper under their arms, and they had heavily tinted sunglasses.
The next headlines that I remember about market crashes, about yields being lost, and one of the headlines declared sympathy for the swastika. I saw tired crowds, I saw tired people, I saw many who had lost the lost resolve to fight due to the emotional overcast of the nation. And I heard Christians, that group of Christians that was going around with hope. I heard them saying that they remember what Jesus had said about the winter and having to flee in winter, but they kept encouraging one another faith.
I saw lights all over the country. I knew these lights were churches whether they were churches like we think of today, or whether they were um house churches. But, I felt in my spirit… I did not hear this but felt as I was watching this, that these churches were keeping warmth and hope in their communities.
That white figure rose up out of one of those lights and he said, ‘brace yourself, brace, brace, brace yourself on the word and My promises and do not rely on your own strength’.”
Video September 8, 2020
Dream 13:
September 7, 2020
I saw the Statue of Liberty, proudly standing in the harbor of New York lighting the nation in freedom. I saw the sky suddenly darken as strong waves began to crash against the shores with a very, very fierce intensity almost like hurricane or tsunami force. And there were boats with men out in the storm trying to breach the island where Lady Liberty stood and they were fighting the waves as well but they were actually kind of working with the waves. They were trying to get to Lady but the storm was so severe they could not, even though the storm and them seemed to be working together.
I saw the torch in her hand was flashing, being struck by lightening, pieces of rock and debris were being thrown at her with brute force even though she had her torch and was an immovable statue, I saw her watching and looking around about her to see where the attacks where coming from. She knew that they were there but she would not move from the pedestal. The rocks and debris that were being thrown at her caused some gashes and cuts on her neck and around about her heart, I could see there was blood coming out, as if it had pierced her or left a jagged edge and cut her. I saw three of the spines on the crown of her head had been broken off leaving a very jagged edge.
Her right torch hand kept dropping to secure the tablet in her other hand. She was struggling to keep her footing almost being knocked off the pedestal but she would not move. There was this huge volume of trash and debris hit her directly in the face and she stepped back off the pedestal and fell because of the force that hit her right in the face but she still held on to the declaration dateline on the book in her hand. But the torch kept flickering like a light about to go out. The declaration that was in her left arm was cracked and and large chips and pieces falling off of it. I kept seeing her reaching out with her hand trying to grab the pieces but they wouldn’t stick. Liberty was crying and weeping, fighting to keep her dignity, trying to get the pieces to hold on to but it was obvious she was in a battle that was fighting her and defeating her and you could see the fierceness in her face trying to fight and win but it wasn’t coming through.
The boats appeared with the men and they threw ropes around her arms and legs and kept trying to bring her to the ground. They pulled and pulled in tandem and finally she fell to her knees like Gulliver’s Travels where the giant gets knocked down but she still had the torch in her hand as she tried to hold the book. They were hammering her with tools trying to get the date of July 4th off the book. They were using cutting tools to try to remove the torch, trying to rip it out of her hand but she kept holding on and holding on and holding on. Because she fought them so hard, they finally began to cut off her hand. They tied her other hand behind her back. The men began rolling her in ropes while she began yelling for help, crying out, not like a desperate cry but a cry for those who were listening, to come to her defense, all those nations that she had helped for so many years and nobody would come.
They took a large banner of fabric that was black and smokey gray and covered her face with it like a mummy until you could barely see her eyes and the jagged spines of her crown. Then they took an anchor chain and wrapped it around her neck and asked her if she had any last words. Her eyes weren’t fearful. They were feisty. Fitful. There was this angry resolve in her face. She said nothing. The chain was tied to a boat and the boat began to drive her off of the island into the harbor. When they got her to sea, the boat began to pull very quickly. Her arms were down to her side and her legs were tied and she was rolling, spinning as the boat pulled like a ski boat pulling her faster and faster. She kept twisting back and forth as the boat pulled her but she eventually lost all her strength.
The banner came off her mouth but she wasn’t saying anything. The boat slowed and the men looked back to see where she was and they reversed the boat and went backwards and ran over her. Her body was bouncing and bleeding in the harbor. She took a breath and went under. She came back up a minute later and did the same thing again. When she came up the next time, the boat accelerated forward hitting her square in the face as she went down. The boat began to circle the area after it hit her but she never came back up alive. Her body came to the surface with her back upward. He torch hand was gone and her other hand was tied behind her back. There was this thunderous clap and brilliant lightening strike and the storm raged all around the harbor. I saw the men on that boat, just a group of men, someone was throwing them loose pieces of silver and they began feverishly fighting over the silver, gripping them with their fists putting them in their pockets. They sat down in their seats and drove away like their job was done.