The Attempts to Destroy Me Continue

You have to understand that there are many people in this city who hate me and want me dead or in prison. Every couple of years someone tries to kill me, or falsely accuse me, or frame me.

Because of all of the many accusations that have been made against me, even the police have been trying to get me on whatever they can find to get me on; without success, which they are not happy about. So, they show up at every place I have worked to “investigate” me, just in case there might be something they can use against me; but in reality, the main reason they show up everywhere I go is merely to cause me harm, even doctors and churches. They know that people will act differently toward me, and so they will cause me the harm they intend by their “investigating.” I have lost jobs because of them.

In 2020 there were at least 2 murder attempts. In March, I was working at a job and came home at midnight. Many people knew exactly what my hours were, and when I came home one night, I checked my mail box and a package had been ripped completely open so that its contents could have been remove and put back in.

Almost exactly 48 hours later, on my day off, I suddenly began to feel horrible, I never felt so horrible and realized that I must have the COVID-19. But it was midnight, and I was not going to call my doctor or go to the emergency room at that hour, so I just went to bed and went right to sleep and prayed. The next morning, I awoke feeling perfectly fine. I know that God healed me. I did a google search to find out how long after exposure to the illness and it said 48 hours to 2 weeks. So, I knew it was the C-19.

A few months later, I was at the dentist, having a small filling done because he said it needed to be done, even though he had not taken any x-rays and the tooth was not hurting me. The last thing he put in my mouth was the large needle he originally used and stuck me 2 or 3 more times, then said, “All done.”

I said, if you are done, what was that? He seemed surprised that noticed what he put in my mouth, and said there was bleeding in the gum and he was just releasing the blood. Well, there was not reason for there to be bleeding in the gum, as it was not oral surgery, it was merely a small filling that was NOT below the gum line, and the areas he poked me were not where the filling was, but the other side of the tooth.

About an hour later, I was at home and noticed that all the blood vessels in my forehead were bulging out as much as they could possibly expand. Then I felt a sharp pain, and in forehead, a minute or so later I went and looked in the mirror and there was a bump where the sharp pain had been. I knew that the blood vessel had burst and it was bleeding under the skin.

I prayed about it and felt that it would mend itself with time, and that is what happened. If the burst blood vessel had taken place inside my head, it could have killed me. It was a murder attempt. My thyroid also began hurting and hurt for several weeks, but gradually went away. I was tested and it had the same functionality as before. I had other bad side-effects but they all gradually improved. I don’t know that everything returned to 100%, but at least close to it.

Also, in 2020, on Sundays, I worked a different shift, I worked the day-shift and got off work at 6 p.m. One Sunday, as I driving up my street, I noticed a homeless girl in her early 20s with a backpack standing still and looking in my direction, as soon as she saw my car, she turned around began walking down the street toward my house. She timed it just right, so that I would pass her and turn into my drive. Because of some items I have stacked in the front of my garage, I often just walk behind my car then up the other side to get to my front door. I believe she was aware of this. As I got out of my car and was about to walk behind my car I was of course looking directly toward the street where she was just then walking passed, and she gave me an interested look.

I had never seen her walking in the neighborhood before, so she could not have figured out my work hours, since I only work the day-shift on Sundays. So, she had been paid to try to entrap me. People were hoping that I would offer her some food and a shower in exchange for sex. They were hoping I would do this so they could accuse me, “Look at what he did.”

There have been many other attempts over the years, and there are even now more attempts being planned by evil people who want to destroy me, but they will only succeed at bringing judgment upon themselves. All the people doing the evil are not doing it for the same reason(s), they all have their own reasons, but it just shows that Satan wants me dead, and he uses people to carry out his desires.

I have certainly made a few mistakes in my life, but they were minor compared to the evil that so called “Christians” try to do to me over and over again. Many have suffered greatly because of their evil actions against me, some have even died. And yet it continues.