The Coming Great Revival

Updated: 1/17/23

There have been prophecies for many decades of another great revival. Many of the current prophets are also prophesying a great coming revival. Because of these prophecies, they are also claiming that now is NOT the end-times, that we are not in, or about to enter, the Great Tribulation. But this steams from their WRONG understanding of Bible prophecy.

Yes, there is coming another great revival, but THINK– why is it coming? It is coming because the world is getting dark, there will be wars, famines, plagues, and the future will continue to be very bleak. THIS IS WHY people will be turning to God. In other words, THE GREAT TRIBULATION will result in a great revival! ! ! !

I believe in the Rapture, which will take place (exact timing is unknown) after the start of WW3 (could be a few months or even 1-2 years). But THIS RAPTURE will NOT remove THE ENTIRE church. I show in my examination of Scripture, that many Christians will miss the Rapture.

Notice that in Rev. 14 “the earth is harvested.” This event is the Day that Christ returns in the SKY to judge the world. Every person on earth will instantly be judged. They will know whether they are on their way to heaven or hell; they will know how they have offended God, and they will know the good they have done. This event will cause many millions to fall on their knees and repent. Billions will instantly become Christians.

Those who repent will need to hope and pray that they survive the period of the BOWLS OF WRATH.

Matthew tells us that when Christ comes to judge the world, those who are judged “goats” will be destroyed by fire. Those who are judged “sheep” will enter the kingdom.

And even LONG before this event, as the days grow increasingly dark, people will be turning to God. So there will be growing revival even after the Rapture. SO YOU SEE, there is definitely a GREAT REVIVAL ahead of us; America will NOT be totally destroyed, but the fire of God’s Wrath will burn out the dross. Babylon the Great (which equals the sin and evil that is inside the USA), will be burned.

But the prophets do not understand this, they think because God is not finished with America, that this is not the end-times. So to them, if USA survives, then the end times are still off in the future– WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!