The Coming Shaking of Christianity and UFO Contact

A shaking is coming to Christianity, and I believe it will be caused by public UFO contact. And it could happen as soon as 2021. (Be sure to see the UPDATE at the bottom.)

There have been several prophecies about a coming Great Shaking that is going to hit Christianity, I even have some in Book 1, Discoveries in Bible Prophecy; but I believed when I wrote it that the shaking would come when a huge tsunami hits the east coast of the US before the Rapture. And such an event will certainly shake the faith of some people, but it is not the event that is now expected to shake Christianity to its core.

There are a few reasons that UFO contact will shake Christianity; one is because there is so much wrong teaching on UFOs. For example, some ministers teach that alien beings are actually demons who travel in UFOs! Yes, they really said that, which is about as dumb as saying the lights in the night sky are the holes in the floor of heaven, LOL.

When I tried to enlighten someone on social media that demons do not travel in space craft, he said “why not?” Ok, I will explain it reeaal simple: Demons do not have physical bodies like humans, they are spirits like angels are spirits. Spirits do not need to travel in a freaking space craft! They just fly through the spirit world the same way that angels do!

Then there are the other, supposedly thinking ministers, who also are totally against the idea that aliens are not controlled by Satan, or somehow in league with him. And even worse, some have been teaching that the existence of aliens would undermine the Gospel! They are literally doing the devil’s work by saying that if UFOs are real and really from other planets, that the Gospel is not true! THAT IS A LIE of the devil.

It is a totally false idea that life on other planets would undercut the Gospel message in any way. Jesus would not have to go to those other planets and be crucified, there is no evidence that all planets had an Adam and Eve who disobeyed God at some point.

But that said, it does not mean that all alien beings are going to be nice and sinless creatures. Sin entered humanity through Adam and Eve, but that does not mean that sin has not entered anywhere else in the universe by some other means, or that Jesus needs to go pay the price for that sin as well, since it likely entered in a different manner or for different reasons.

It is simply absurd to make bold statements as fact when the only fact you know is that you don’t know anything about life and its connection to God or sin or Satan, on other planets.

Billy Graham spoke on this subject many times, it was published in newspapers and books, and I consider his understanding of the issue to be well ahead of his time. He was more than just a good evangelist, he was smart:

“I am a student of the physical sciences. Some of my associates are inclined to believe that there is life on other planets. If there are people who inhabit these planets, what does that do to our faith in the Gospel? Can it be that God is primarily interested in this planet?

From my studies in the Scriptures I can find nothing that would change our essential faith in the Gospel if we did discover life on other planets. Our Bible is clearly designed for this particular planet with its particular problem of man’s sin. When we observe this fact we are on safe ground. It is not a part of the Bible’s message to inform us of what God has done elsewhere. Its message is concerned with earth dwellers, their origin, the reason of their existence, the cause of their misery and the plan of redemption for a fallen race. I am sure that if there are dwellers on other planets, they are either not involved in the sin problem, or else God has made satisfactory provision for them. (My Answer, by Billy Graham)

It is likely that several governments in the world already know that UFOs are real and even have crashed UFOs in their possession. It is also likely true that living alien beings traveling around in UFOs are in contact with these same governments, and when these governments decide that it is time for the aliens to present themselves to the world, that they will do so.

This could happen for any number of reasons, but one reason could be the high level of technology they have which could benefit all of humanity. Especially with the economic issues we are now facing because of the COVID-19. Their level of development is thousands of years ahead of ours, so the aliens may have an easy cure for COVID.

The existing vaccines are not a cure, and people who have had the shots can still get COVID, which means it will be hard to eliminate unless we get some other medicine.

One person who had a dream of a coming tsunami hitting Christianity is J. Lee Grady, former editor of Charisma Magazine. This is in my above-mentioned book. More recently, Dana Coverstone had a dream of a major shaking that will hit Christianity. There are many more.

But as this article shows, it NEED NOT HAPPEN, the fact that life exists on other planets does not change anything about God or Jesus being the Son of God.

But suppose the aliens who make an appearance claim that they created humanity! That is something which some people actually believe! Some aliens from other worlds could be good and honest, while some of them may have no knowledge or belief in the existence of good or evil, they may just do whatever they believe is best at the present time.

Therefore, they could very well make any number of assertions about life on earth, but Christians who have more than just a mental knowledge of God will not be bothered by this, because it is just another lie.

Many Christians only have a mental knowledge of God and Jesus, they don’t KNOW FOR A FACT that God exists or that heaven is real, they only believe it on a shallow level. People who KNOW have a strong deep belief.

Those who do not believe in miracles are the most likely to have a shallow faith. People who have seen many miracles or had miracles, are much less likely to doubt the existence of God and Jesus in the face of a lie.

You might ask, why would the aliens lie to us about the existence of God? Perhaps they do not believe they are lying, perhaps they know nothing about the existence of God, but that does not mean that he does not exist or that he did not create the universe.

They may have even manipulated the DNA of humanoids on Earth 100,000 years ago, that still does not mean they created the human race. Those who KNOW that Jesus is the Son of God, and that heaven is real, will not be bothered by any claims made by anyone, regardless of what planet they came from, LOL.

UPDATE Sept. 16, 2021:

Things have been moving very fast in the area of Bible prophecy fulfillment, therefore, I no longer believe that the coming shaking is connected to UFOs, though it still could be. In Book 1 of my series I make special note of prophecies about a shaking in connection to a tsunami. Since the first head of the beast has now risen (Afghanistan), brought about by the little horn of Daniel 7 (the Taliban), it means that the beast is in the process of rising from the Abyss as we speak.

There will only be few years until there are 10-nations under the rule of radical Islam, with one leader– the Antichrist, and Revelation tells us that the Abyss is opened with the 5th Trumpet. Therefore, BEFORE that happens, there will be the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Trumpets. The 2nd is a TSUNAMI. Therefore, the coming shaking will most likely be a tsunami hitting the east coast of the USA, causing great death and suffering. This will cause many Christians to doubt their faith because they were told nothing that bad will happen before the Rapture! (Read complete details in Book 1.)