The Mantel of The Lord and Revival

First, some background. I do not know why God uses me as a stand-in, but he does. He once told me that I was in danger of being shot and that I needed to pray against it. I requested clarification about whether it was really me or someone else, I repeatedly got that it was me. So I prayed 1-2 hours against it.

The evening of the next day there was a mass-shooting in Las Vegas and many people were shot and several were killed. Some of those shot were Christians, and I knew then that I had not been praying for myself but for other Christians in the crowd. Why God could not have simply told me that many people were in danger of being shot, I do not understand.

Because of the above, and other similar things, I now know that another thing that has been prophesied ABOUT ME, not about me at all, but someone else; and I believe I know who the person is.

Once when I was in a small church in central Texas the pastor laid his hand on my head and prophesied: “May the mantel of the Lord come down upon you.”

I had no idea what that meant, then a few years later I was visiting the Brownsville Revival and the very same thing happened, with the exact words. I asked several people what it meant, and they did not know. But it became known that this was prophesied over me and it was used as an excuse to attack me as a false prophet. The devil, supposedly, was planning to use me to start my own religious cult. LOL Everywhere I went I was attacked. They went to great lengths to spread this information. It was even said that it was demons inside me that caused the ministers to pray that over me. (I suspect they also made a point to give me a few bad reviews of my books on amazon.)

As time has gone by, God has made me pray frequently, “May the mantel of the Lord come down upon me.”

Then, more than a decade later, I was writing the first edition of my prophecy book that was published in 2013, Discoveries in Bible Prophecy, and I found in Daniel that the ministry of Jesus lasted 3.5 years, and that it was the first 1/2 of Daniel’s 70th week. It also showed that Jesus made a covenant with God’s people for 7 years, and that the Jews would accept their Messiah at the end of that 7 years (not the end of the tribulation). So the last 1/2 of the 70th week will be during the Great Tribulation. But since Jesus would not return until after that time, how was Jesus going to perform great miracles and teaching like he did when he was on earth? So I wrote in the book that there would likely be one or more persons who would perform the same miracles that Jesus performed for 3.5 years.

Yes, I believed that it was me! But now I know it will NOT BE ME, and I believe I know who it refers to, but I am not going to say.

This person is now in a position of prominence and miracles have already starting taking place. So it is possible that those 3.5 years has already started.

You can also expect more miracles and revival to be talked about REAL SOON in his ministry if those years have indeed started.

(Though I believed it was me, yet I said many times that it could not be me because I was not likely to ever be in a prominent ministry for several reasons, and sometimes I even said, “I don’t want it, give it to someone else,” and sure enough it was not ever for me. In some ways I am bummed out, in other ways I am relieved! It is possible, that God caused Satan to target me so the person who was to get the mantel would escape Satan’s radar and I would be attacked and kept out of the public ministry and not the other person.)