The Truth About Near-Death Experiences (NDE)

Many people around the world have had near-death experiences called NDEs. The problem is, they make the mistake of believing that their experience is proof of this or that type of future afterlife. The reason for this is what they see while dead is in fact real, but it is not the eternal reality they can expect. Let me explain.

Christians, Jews, Hindu, Muslims, and even New Agers report NDEs which confirm their beliefs. Christians see Jesus and the angels and receive lots of love from God, Hindu get scolded and dragged away by the goddess of death, Jews see Moses and angels and are told to keep doing good deeds, New Agers see Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Virgin Mary sitting around chatting. How is that possible you ask?

Imagine a Jew has a heart attack or gets hit on the head and dies for several minutes; he goes to heaven and sees Jesus and the Apostles; he is then going to come back and become a full-blown Christian! Right? Of course that would happen, but that is NOT what God wants to happen!

Converting to Christianity must be a choice that we make WHILE WE ARE ALIVE here on this earth! God is not going to use the death experience to convert people, that would not be fair, would it? No. One person does not have NDE and dies and goes to hell, another person has an NDE and becomes a Christian and goes to heaven when he finally dies decades later; that is not fair!

God knows that the people having the death experience are going back because it is not their time to die, so he is not going to show them things that will convert them. If they die and there is no going back, they likely will have a totally different experience; perhaps judgment and hell!

So if you have been wondering about the differences in NDEs, this is the only reasonable explanation for the differences.