Trump, Joe Biden, and the future of USA

A fellow named Dana Coverstone has had several prophetic dreams about the USA the passed few months. In his Data Dream, ( he saw something spreading across the whole country that hit the Liberty Bell and split it into two, then it melted.

This thing kept spreading and hit Washington, and legal efforts to stop it failed, then it split the Capital Building into two. The people in Washington were VERY angry.

He also saw a coffin with a sign on it that said it contained the Democratic candidate for president, with the date Dec. 17 on it. At the end of the dream a man said, “A house divided against itself SHALL not stand.” Here are TWO ways in which the dream could be fulfilled, and what I have already written about in my newest book, on the Antichrist:


Trump will fail at his legal attempts to stop the steal, but then Joe dies! Because USA did not vote for Harris to be president for a full term, the courts will overturn the election and order another election!

But Trump will not be allowed to be president until the new election which will be in 4-10 months, perhaps more. Congress will then vote on a temporary president, and that temp. president will be Obama!

Obama will then begin writing Executive Orders to do as much damage as he possibly can during his short time, including confiscating the guns.

Then the Republican states will rebel and make Trump president of the Republican states. And so the several-years-old prophecies that Obama will be the last president of the UNITED states will come true, as will the ones that call him the Antichrist. And the newest prophecies that Trump will have a second term will also be fulfilled.


Ok, here is another interpretation: The coffin could represent the END of Joe Biden’s bid to become president of the USA! This would mean he looses big-time! In which case, Trump will serve most of his term before being forced out by a full-blown coop; see the book The Final Antichrist Barack Obama.