Truth About Islamic History in their Own Words

The following were taken from the book, “The Islamic Openings,” by ‘Abdul ‘Aziz Al-Shinnawy, published by Umm Al-Qura, Egypt, 2002.

Modern Muslims in the West are trying to convince us that the Muslim terrorists are radical, and not true, historical, Muslims. I provide these quotes from a book written and published by Muslims, for Muslims, to show the truth of Islam, how it is far from a religion of peace, but is actually a religion of war and bloodshed. And how Islam was spread by the sword.

The word “openings” refers to a Muslim army conquering a city or nation. The army approaches the city and gives them one of three choices: they either embrace Islam, submit to Muslim rule and pay a heavy tax, or fight the Muslim army. When the Muslims win they plunder the city and take many captives who are then sold into slavery. The men of fighting age were usually slaughtered. So there was great incentive to not resist but to submit to Muslim rule. In this way, they were opening up nations and cities to the religion of Islam.

This book was written in English for English readers:

Khalid ordered Al-Muthanna ibn Harith Al-Shaibani to pursue the Persian army, and he sent Ma’qil ibn Muqrin to the city of Abalah, which he opened and took booty and captives. (page 45)

The Persians brought together their ships, … Thirty thousand Persians were killed in this battle, not counting those who were drowned in the sea.… He [Khalid] also captured the families of the soldiers and those who supported them…. (page 47)

On the day of Wajlah, Khalid ibn Al-Walid killed many Christians of the tribe of Bakr ibn Wa’il for assisting the Persians. (page 50)

Khalid prayed, “O Allah, I swear by Your name that if You help us to get hold of them, I won’t ever leave one of them alive so long as we can, till I make their blood flow like a river.”

Allah fulfilled his prayer exactly as he wished. Khalid’s crier shouted, “The captives! The captives! Don’t kill except those who refuse [to embrace Islam].” The Muslims cavalry captured the Persians. Khalid (page 53) charged some men to kill them in the river, and they spent a day and a night executing their orders. They pursued them for another day till they were done with the two rivers around all sides of Alis and had killed them all.

Al-Qa’qa” ibn ‘Amr and some other men said, “Khalid, if you kill all the people on earth, their blood will not flow, for blood dries quickly. If you want their blood to flow to fulfill your oath, you have to throw water over the blood so the blood flows.” Thus he did and thus it was called the river of blood. (page 54)…

The Muslims asked the people of Hirah to Islam but they refused…. (page 56)

Every Muslim general did the same as Dirar did to the people of the White Palace. The Muslims burst into the houses and the monasteries and killed many people. (page 57)…

Khalid then resumed his march in the lands of Iraq till he reached Al-Farad, which lies on the borders of Al-Sham, Iraq and the Arab Peninsula. On his way he passed by many cities and villages. In each he had more success than the previous one. Some of the cities agreed on jizyah (tax on nonMuslims under Muslim rule), while others fought desperately till Allah’s wrath afflicted them with a defeat at the hands of the Muslims. No one survived death except those who were quickly defeated like a stroke of lightning. (page 62) …

“… We, therefore, call you to our religion, … If you embrace our religion, we will leave Allah’s Book with you and make sure that you judge by its laws, and we will go back and leave you, your affairs and your land. If you pay jizyah, we will accept it and be your guardians, or else we will have to fight you.” … (page 65)

When Muslims claim that Islam was not spread by the sword, just laugh at them and tell them about this book, which THEY wrote!!