Words From God

On the page I will be posting a few words which God gives me. Since we are in the Great Tribulation with worsening events coming upon the world, I am expecting Him to give me more words than just this one which I am starting with:



God’s work is almost done,
Soon you will have no fun.
This likely refers to various difficulties coming.



I dreamed that I stepped off what appeared to be a curb, but rather than stepping onto pavement I experienced sudden falling, like I had stepped out of the side of an airplane.

But it only lasted a 1/2 second and I was suddenly slammed into my bed, and a voice said, “San Francisco.” I knew immediately what it meant, that a huge earthquake is going to drop San Fran into the ocean. But I have no idea when it will happen. Likely not until the 7th Bowl of Wrath, but you never know.